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In order to establish a scientific and perfect animal husbandry safety traceability management system, to realize teng technology adopts carry RFID handset data acquisition terminal, sensor fusion, wireless network communication, GPRS, 3 g video transmiss

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In order to establish a scientific and perfect animal husbandry safety traceability management system, to realize teng technology adopts carry RFID handset data acquisition terminal, sensor fusion, wireless network communication, GPRS, 3 g video transmission, computer communication and Internet technology, to reach the animal by-products from breeding, slaughtering and circulation to sales each link of tracking and tracing, to ensure the quality of products "from farm to table" security and comprehensive traceability.


The system is less investment, easy to operate, easy to popularize. The system has three main functions:

First, it will help the government to carry out a comprehensive supervision of meat and product recall;

Two is to help livestock enterprises to reduce the cost of farming, enhance brand value added;

Three is the whole process can be traced back to enhance consumer confidence.


In addition, the source of the first RFID handheld mobile marketing promotion mode, to provide a new means of marketing enterprises based on mobile media media. Innovative online ordering and remote monitoring services, so that customers through mobile phones or computers in real time to see the growth process of their ordering of pigs.



One, RFID handheld system architecture

The system adopts multi-layer structure, which is divided into four layers of access layer, presentation layer, business layer and infrastructure layer.

1, access layer

Users use PC, handheld machine through different access methods (Internet, VPN, GPRS, WIFI) access to animal husbandry safety traceability management system;

2, show layer

Provide a unified representation and display of internal information exchange and all business systems. Application display, authentication and authorization, system management three major categories of services. Presentation layer will achieve the PC client browser display mode and handheld devices to show the way the client;

3, business layer

As livestock safety traceability management system specific application, including the entire process of farming areas of business to achieve, slaughterhouses, businesses, customers of the video order business to achieve, pig ear tag authorized business, and related business comprehensive management;

4, infrastructure

Including basic network and hardware facilities, to ensure the normal operation of the system, access. In addition, the system also includes the system and security management and interface management throughout all levels.

Two, RFID handheld system operating procedures

1 breeding links: in the birth of the livestock feeding, in their body mounted on the RFID tag. Thereafter the breeder in a RFID handheld machine equipment, continue to set and collect or store it and it will grow in the process of information, from the source to the safety in production control. This link is mainly recorded in the livestock breeding farm in the growth and development, feed formula, medication records, quarantine information and other information, and the information provided to the next link;

2 slaughter links: before slaughter, read the RFID tag information on the body of the animal, it is confirmed that the animal epidemic prevention records and health, and can be slaughtered and enter the market. Read the slaughter of living with the RFID electronic tag information, use of electronic weighing scales and use meet the slaughtering process requirements of two-dimensional bar code printer will before slaughter after in vivo RFID information, slaughter weight, slaughter units and date information together automatically print in 2D barcode and and post-mortem carcass together into the quarantine link;

3. Inspection and quarantine link: after the end of the slaughter meat accept quarantine inspection and quarantine departments, inspection and quarantine departments to read the meat of the two-dimensional code information, and the quarantine data upload to the server. For the quarantine of meat, the system will quarantine inspection results, quarantine unit, date of inspection and other related information added to the two-dimensional code, the two-dimensional code will be with the meat together sealed into a link.

4 circulation link: first, using a handheld RFID reader to read the vehicle RFID card on the transport vehicle, the license plate number, transport units, whether quarantine disinfection, quarantine disinfection date and other information. Then loading the meat. After loading is completed, the system automatically records the loading time, departure, destination and car RFID card information, and in accordance with the data generated by the seal number. Carry out full seal processing, the next link receiving meat, check the seals, checking the license plate number, sealing identification number, intact and correct after release.

The 5 part: meat sales into the sales process, operating households is the segmentation, packaging and sale. For each a products division, operating households available for holding the two-dimensional code data acquisition terminal to read meat information and with their own business information together give a back yards. This traceability code in conjunction with the division of the packaging together to the consumer hand. Or in case of no need for packaging, operating households can meat sold the traceability information code origin of electronic scales are printed on the delivery of the bullion delivered to the consumer.

Three, RFID handheld system implementation benefits

1.RFID the establishment of animal products traceability system will strengthen the information management of animal husbandry in China, to achieve high quality animal products, and to regulate the market of animal products in china;

2 the establishment of system technology will be helpful to the quality control of animal products and product recall, is an effective guarantee for the quality and safety of animal products, but also an effective guarantee for the health of consumers;

3 integration of the traceability system, the government functions to provide a coordinated regulatory portal, improve the efficiency of government regulation;


4 the establishment of system technology will improve the level of modernization of animal husbandry production, promote the healthy and sustainable development of animal husbandry, and enhance the competitiveness of aquaculture enterprises.

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