Anti fall industrial Tablet PC power integrated airport security solutions

Past airport security needs passengers waiting in line inspection, largely wasted precious time to passengers, in order to minimize waiting time, provide seamless experience for passengers.In view of airport security requirements, customer integration ten

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Past airport security requires passengers to wait in line to check, to a large extent a waste of valuable time passengers, in order to minimize the waiting time for the passenger to provide seamless experience. Airport customers for the integration of security solutions, Shuo Teng technology specifically developed a 7 inch portable industrial security for airport security.

Airport in the early stages of the system can be relied on, completely rely on manual plus appearance and behavior assessment for security checks. The advent of notebook computer and electronic passport scanners, can be directly in the check-in counters and boarding check electronic information. But the system also has defects, the laptop computer due to fall or the need for frequent replacement of machine fatigue.


The airline is the traditional artificial values cabinet to self-service check-in, the mode of ground crew at the point of service, tablet exactly in line with the requirements of the development trend of the. With respect to the services that can be provided, we pay more attention to the portability of tablet PCs.


The challenge is: how to find a passport can not only scan, but also with the WIFI check function, but also in the long run after the high strength of the high strength and durability of the high portability alternative to replace the laptop computer?

Equipped with sontek anti falling industrial tablet T71 plus later, screeners just in data acquisition terminal connected to a mini 3M passport scanners can complete the corresponding security procedures, without the need for passengers to turn over. PLUS T71 can be read to the passport information sent to the airport to send a message to the server. Server will discuss the content transmission and storage of data verification, and the system operator in respect of any suspicious details proposed necessary inventory suggestions. Because the data is stored on a remote server rather than on a tablet, to ensure that the data access is more high-speed and more secure.

Since the airport is equipped with security for the anti falling industrial tablet later. Screeners no longer need to carry a heavy suitcase, between the check-in counter for run to run to install a laptop computer. Practice has proved that, within a year, regardless of more brutal treatment, industrial anti-corrosion tablet can still normal operation, machine loss rate dropped to less than 0.5%.


Another important feature is the anti glare screen, easy to adapt to strong sunlight in the gate, and artificial lighting check-in at the different light conditions. Compatibility with custom packages also makes PLUS T71 an ideal choice for airport security solutions.

Anti falling industrial tablet in airport security application, the screeners can rapidly processed export terminal building multiple boarding passengers security procedures, help to improve the screening rate, for passengers to create a better experience.

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