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Modern Marine environment protection necessary for mobile data collection terminal, a can tolerate water and sunlight industrial tablet is definitely a good choice.In order to meet the needs of customers, shenzhen teng r&d team made specially for the cust

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Modern marine environmental protection of mobile data acquisition terminal can not rely on, one can withstand the sea and the sun is a good choice. In order to meet customer demand in the United States, Shenzhen, the R & D team specifically for its customized a 7 inch waterproof industrial Tablet PC to help them better achieve marine environmental protection.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (WC) 73 dispatcher, FWC staff and statewide federal agencies provide scheduling services. They are different from other dispatchers, need to know which areas of work in FWC. These areas are not clearly defined as mile markers or city streets. Instead, they are marked by dams, offshore reefs, private land, waterways, and sometimes even an oak tree. Regional knowledge and unique understanding of the FWC staff how to do their job is the key to the success of the dispatcher. The main duties of the FWC personnel are to perform boating, fish and wildlife conservation laws, to investigate the crime of serious boating and wildlife. They and the land owners with the work, to minimize and solve the problem, and every year they need to contact with the public hundreds of times, including athletes, landowners and other citizens, for boating, wildlife and conservation law enforcement of publicity and education. The work schedule is flexible, according to a day of law enforcement needs, the staff can work in 13 hours of shifts in eight hours. Due to the FWC staff in the outdoor work, take the all terrain vehicle (ATV), four wheel drive vehicles, air cushion vehicles, large marine vessels, and thus the durability of the equipment is very critical.


Based on the special requirements of customers for the working environment and sontek this 7 inch reinforcement waterproof industrial tablet T70. As a flexible and easy to use industrial grade handheld data acquisition terminal, with high performance quad core processor, 18 hours of battery life, high sensitive touch and submeter positioning precision, high brightness display screen and other functions, and make full use of bar code technology and RFID technology, wireless communication technology, safety, simple and technology of the perfect fusion, making industrial tablet can be conveniently for short-range wireless communication link, realize the data real-time change and service function. Product rich peripherals and strong hardware support for the marine environment to provide more efficient, convenient and safe terminal solutions.


T70 three industrial tablet computer equipped with 8GB memory and 1GB memory, to ensure that the GIS drawing and other applications of normal operation. Because these tablets need to be used frequently in the marine environment, exposure to salt mist, and therefore must have a full sealed rubber backlight keyboard. In addition, in sunny conditions and need up to 1200 nits screen brightness, and at night to dark to 1.7 nits, using stealth operation. Other features include an embedded fingerprint scanning module, a built-in GPS module, WiFi/ Bluetooth and SD memory card slot. In the wireless connection, FWC must have the ability to keep in touch with the whole state, and the coverage of the various wireless operators have good and bad. In order to ensure always connected, no user intervention required troubleshooting, FWC industrial Tablet PC using the known to Gobi 2000 mobile broadband module, users can switch seamlessly between Verizon, sprint and at & T. T70 HugeRock tablet support and the use of key law enforcement software includes the combination of embedded fingerprint scanner proprietary fingerprint software.


FWC personnel work in areas near the sea, the sea water is a serious challenge for the patrol equipment. T70 HugeRock 7 inch waterproof industrial Tablet PC with anti salt fog function, in harsh environment is very durable, can reduce the maximum downtime and maintenance costs. Designed for the screen of HugeRock T70 outdoor users tailor-made, can be adjusted to different brightness without need to switch to other auxiliary equipment, improve the convenience of FWC officers. Due to the need to deal with a variety of situations in patrol, seamless communication and data access so that staff can more easily carry out the work. With the help of information technology, FWC personnel can effectively complete their work to protect endangered species and boating safety.


A highly durable 7 inch waterproof industrial tablet reduces equipment downtime, thereby reducing maintenance costs. In addition, the powerful 3G communications also greatly improve the working efficiency of overseas customers, is to achieve a good solution to the marine environmental protection.

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